Water Leak Detection At Willz Plumbing we make use of the Latest Technology in Acoustics and Thermal Imaging to locate High Pressure Water Leaks. Put an end to high Water Bills and let us Detect, Locate and Repair the Water Leaks on your Property.

Rain Water Harvesting One millimeter of rain = 1 liter of water per square meter of your roof. Stop letting this rain water run to waste and get your own rain harvest tank installed. A variety of colors are available to match your home. Rain Wa

GeyserWise Installations   Geyserwise Max and Geyserwise TSE Energy Control Systems for use in pumped solar water heating systems and normal electrical geysers. Use as a geyser timer. Includes many features like: · Clear

Water Meter Installations - Bulk Water Meters & Sub-Metering Energy Management is a popular and growing practice among Property Managers in the Western Cape managing large buildings, factories, shopping centres and other complex facilities.

Water Audits A Water Audit is an important step towards understanding a facility's water use and what the Property Manager, Utility Manager or owners can do to reduce water consumption and bill individual units accurately. Willz P

Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (COC) - Cape Town  Willz Plumbing provides a one stop Plumbing & Electrical inspection service for Certificates of Compliance. The City of Cape Town has gazetted a new property sales by-law that is no
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